Legacy media fails to meet the needs of this emerging transformative landscape leading to:

Confusion in the market due to a lack of quality information.

Growing F.U.D. (fear uncertainty and doubt) in the marketplace.

Resistant to innovation and slow embrace of Decentralized ideals

the solution

Our network serves this new environment by:

Changing the narrative

Reinventing the broadcast media network

Curating content from the innovators, pioneers, entrepreneurs, and evolutionaries shaping the culture

Delivering a global viewpoint 24/7


Decentric offers an array of programming which delivers members to the inside track on Decentralized economy’s news as it emerges.

We broadcast live and make available on demand global news, specials, profiles, originals, movies, lifestyle & entertainment, conferences, and ‘how to’ content for all levels of expertise. We tell the stories of people who transform lives, humanity, governance, politics, finance, industry, tech and the environment. Above and beyond blockchain and digital currencies, Decentric Media provides coverage on artificial intelligence, robotics, big data & cybersecurity, social impact, regenerative culture, connected living, biotech  and alternative energy.


Our subject matter experts afford you insights culled from market makers and industry trends unavailable to most. They distill the essentials needed to make informed decisions about your investment portfolio from ICO launches to mining to industry innovations in an easy to consume manner. Packaged stories contributed in their own narrative style to soften and complement the often rigid tenor of this information.


Our Studio in the Cloud aggregates news and information whenever and wherever it emerges.

Contributors can deliver and access media any time from anywhere through a cloud-based peer-to-peer master control room. Founding contributors and premium members then select media for delivery to millions of households worldwide.

Integrated messaging applications with tiered VIP access to market-makers, contributors, and subject matter experts.

Up to the minute personalized market price updates from the top exchanges in the world.

  • Team, investors and advisors

  • Marc Scarpa

    Marc Scarpa

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Chris Graves

    Chris Graves

    Creative Director

  • David Friedensohn

    David Friedensohn

    Finance & Operations


  • James Glasscock

  • Scott Walker

  • Stephen Morris

  • ZACHery Ty bryan

  • Patrick Tsang

  • Crystal Rose

  • Eric Pulier

  • Lauren Selig

  • Philip Plough

  • Michael Cao

  • Daniel Pinchbeck

  • Rich Rosenblum

  • Jeremy Gardner

  • Larry Namer

  • Brittany Kaiser

  • Doug Scott

  • Matt McKibbon

  • Ted Moskovitz




We envisioned our purpose, intent, and plan for the community.



Launch of a free alpha mobile product to a small group of participants along with the aggregation of premium content from the community.



Launch of beta mobile product to an even wider audience for participation and begin our live broadcasts.



A membership-supported mobile product launched in conjunction with digital cable programming.



The launch of a 24/7 linear channel supporting multiple global bureaus and numerous contributors.



We provide the impetus for the adoption of 1 billion blockchain wallets worldwide.

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